Friday, December 18, 2009

Planning Our Wedding

So I know I haven't blogged at all recently, it isn't like I have readers chomping at the bit though for my words of wisdom, but besides being in the holiday season and working for a restaurant corporation (crazy time of year) I have been planning my wedding. I know that Weddings are supposed to be the thing that every girl dreams about since childhood and have it planned in their heads to a tee, but for me I never really thought about my wedding at all. I had no vision in my mind of what it would be like. I had been living happily for 7 years with my boyfriend when he finally asked me to marry him, I was of course ecstastic, but completely overwhelmed. I would be happy with just eloping in Vegas honestly, but I knew our families would really want something more, especially since we have moved so far away from most of them. So Christian and I sat down and thought about what really expressed us and the happiest moments in our relationship together. We are not the kind of people who like to do the same things as everyone else, we like to be different and unique. So we instantly thought of having the wedding in Jamaica. But not some Sandal's all-inclusive, just show up kind of wedding. Christian's family has a villa down there and it seemed like there was no place better to have the wedding. We had spent many wonderful times down there over our relationship. However, I refuse to use a wedding planner and doing everything yourself for a wedding on foreign soil can be extremely tedious. Yet, we managed to make a lot of connections and get a lot of things done. But you will have to stay tuned to see how and if it all works out.... If anyone is thinking of doing this themselves, please feel free to contact me for any information, I would love to share what I have learned.