Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Free HOG ROAST and Barbecue for Orange City, IA

If you live in Orange City, Iowa or anywhere in its surrounding areas than you are truly blessed, because tomorrow night four local businesses are putting on a FREE Hog Roast for the entire city in honor of their long standing business in the area and the fact that October is National Pork Month. If you don't already know, Sioux County puts out some of the most and best pork products in the world, and you can have them for free tomorrow night. If the weather is nice it will be held at Windmill Park and if it rains then it will be at Town Hall.

Blue Mountain Smokehouse Grill is making the hogs tasty and also providing all of the sides and fixins. So come and see us tomorrow night for some food and fun.

Helping Hands Craft Fair

So I told someone back home that I did a craft fair this past weekend and they instantly told me that I was becoming such a "midwesterner." Which at first I took a slight offense to, I will always be a New Orleans girl, but yes I have picked up a few things from the Midwest and an affinity to craft is one of them. I have been making my own jewelry and beads for a while but needed to recoup some of the expenses that I have put into my hobby and thus the Midwest Craft show, which actually proved to be a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the next one. My friend Mary, from the Yellow Door Paperie and Wendy, who does beautiful stuff, my favorite is her recycled sweater bags, they are so cute, were also there and we hope to do our own craft show soon, something a little bit more hip, but for now we will stick to the Midwest circuit and let everyone know that we may not be from the Midwest, but we can craft up a storm, and it ain't nothin that your momma was makin. These were a couple of the things that sold.